What hours do you answer phones?

Updated 11 months ago by Landon Balding

In an effort in improve customer support, we send all calls to voicemail. The quickest way to purchase tickets to an upcoming event or find answers to your questions is to visit us online at MonumentalTix.com. If you would like to purchase tickets over the phone or you are needing additional help of any kind, you may call and leave us a message at 1-800-626-TIXS and we will return your call in the order it was received. For the fastest response, visit our Contact Us page and send us a message through Chatra. 

Why did we decide to make this change? 
We are a small business and have limited resources. Every caller is equally important to us and we find that we receive many calls at the same time on a consistent basis. Some calls we have been able to answer, and others would get transferred into voicemail and get passed over because of new incoming calls. By sending all incoming calls to voicemail and returning calls in the order they are received, we are able to prioritize each caller and give them our full attention when we are working through their needs. 

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